Recommend A Charity

While the grants are open to any charitable organisation that meets the criteria, we’re keen to hear recommendations from First Utility’s customers as to which charities you think best help the vulnerable – families and children, people with disabilities and older people in the UK.

In order to recommend a charity, please fill in the form below. For further detail on the grant criteria, please refer to our guidelines.

As you will appreciate, whilst every nomination will be considered, it must meet the Trustees’ criteria for support and, even then, the Foundation cannot support every grant application.

Please note that the Foundation does not make grants towards the following:

  • The promotion or advancement of religion or political campaigning
  • Individuals
  • Capital projects
  • Endowment funds
  • Exclusively grant-making charities
  • Public institutions such as schools, hospitals and universities
  • Residential care homes and hospices
  • Health interventions which can otherwise be provided by the NHS
  • Holiday and transport programmes
  • Sports organisations
  • Arts organisations
  • Charities that have been registered for less than two years
  • Charities operating outside the UK
  • Charities with a deficit

  •  UK Registered (Tick to confirm)
    Field of Work (tick one or more boxes)
     Making life better for people with disabilities Improving the quality of life of older people Changing the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable families and children for the better